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Inspiration boulangerie, Minimalisme, Branding Publié le 22.02.2016

A Friend of Mine - Lune

A Friend Of Mine nous propulse dans les étoiles avec ce projet de branding pour la boulangerie "Lune Croissanterie". Le studio australien joue avec la forme du croissant qui se confond avec l'arrière d'une fusée. Objectif Lune !

Description du projet
"Lune Croissanterie began as a hole in the wall operation in Melbourne. Their dedicated, unique and perfectionist approach to 'Viennoiserie' baking created an enormous following from cult fans often queing from 3am. Outgrowing their tiny shop and original branding, Lune 'v2.0' was born in a larger warehouse in Fitzroy in Melbourne, designed by Studio Esteta.

The packaging we designed features diecut 'hyperdrive' ventilation slots in a galactic theme (taking cue from the name Lune) which acted as ventilation for the pastries, paired with a subtle glitter print for a further cosmic touch. We also redesigned their much loved rocket motif, and we couldn't resist adding a little croissant in our update.

The project included several digital aspects such as a custom animation for instagram and a responsive website design complete with animation and parallax scrolling with drifting shooting stars."

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