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Inspiration typo, affiches, Print Publié le 08.02.2016

Daniel Barkle - Sans Serif Prints

Rendre hommage aux typographies célèbres dans une série d'affiches est un exercice qui revient régulièrement. Daniel Barkle s'en sort bien avec "Sans Serif Prints". Il joue sur la mise en scène de ces caractères sans empattement pour susciter l'envie d'aller découvrir leur histoire.

description du projet
"I have designed a collection of typography posters, devoted to a selection of notorious Sans Serif typefaces that have heavily influenced me since I began designing. My recent trip to the 'Bauhaus Archiv' in Berlin inspired me to explore the form of typefaces and to research the history of typographers. I took a closer look at the heritage of Sans Serif typefaces and from my research, I came to the conclusion that practice of typography is beginning to be taken for granted, particuarly at an educational level. My aim for this project was to deliver a message that was visually interesting, but also educational. I'd never really come across any decorative typography posters that pay tribute to individual typefaces, particularly ones that can be framed and displayed on walls - so I decided to create a set of my very own.
My ambition for these posters is that they are displayed in the presence of young, learning creatives. I want them to be in the presence of evolving creative environments such as school class rooms, university work spaces and creative offices to fundamentally promote the importance of typography in a decorative, eye catching manor. I want people to replicate my experience with typography, by taking the time out to learn about the history, practice and execution of typography and to not take it at face value.

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